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Our Story

Hi, my name is Pat Perron. I'm a professional Linux System Administrator living in Canada, passionate by sports like calisthenic training, obstacles races, youth development by sports and father of four.

My passions led me to became a personal trainer. I’m still following courses about Youth development in sports.

Doing multiple sports myself and by being father of four I realise that I have to buy a lot of different socks for differents sports and also different pairs for daily use.

So much socks, so much money!

What are we doing in that situation? We start buying cheap and non quality socks, just to keep it in our budget!

This is BAD!

That where come my idea to build a new sock wearable for every occasion, meeting all needs from athletes to business workers!

There it is, the ATLEOM athletics socks.

Build from the ideas and needs of athletes and infuse of revolutionary Silver ion, high quality cotton and….

Feel the softness of natural cotton and throw away the moisture with the special anti-moisture, antibacterial and anti odor blend.

Play high intensity sport with our grip padding design, arch support and ankle compression.

Go to work with confidence with a nice looking sock!

As sport passionate we asked lot of young athletes what they love, what they hate and what they need to do their sport with comfort and confidence.

With research, trial and failed we came back with our ATLEOM Athletic sock.

They answered, we deliver!

Our Mission

Based in Canada, we work with athletes to create awesomeness!

We created ATLEOM to deliver an high quality athletic sock with advanced features that will make biggest brands jealous. We made a priority to keep it offerable to every one, from students to professionals.

Pat Perron
Pat Perron

Création et conception des produits.

Véronique Leblanc

Assurance qualité et expédition!

Véronique Leblanc